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Yes I film parties, but I show up and do so much more than that. I add to it with commercial experience, communication and heck-to-the-yes consistency that will leave you swooning. I can’t get enough of it all. P.S. My name is Maleka!

My films will captivate you, combining the unforgettable, real-life moments with an extraordinary and romantic editing style that will become a legend, and not an outdated VHS tape.

This philosophy literally comes from my parents’ own wedding video. They talked about this wedding video as if it was the living memory of the best night of their lives. So I dared them to go find this VHS tape. And they did. I watched it and was taken aback. The footage was, well, nothing spectacular. But my parents? They were transported to another world. They got to relive the moment that my mom walked down the aisle (you won’t believe how skinny my dad was!). 40 years later, their faces lit up.

The thing is, this video, my family’s own legacy, was nothing grand. It was only beautiful to my parents because they had lived through it. What if we could create videos that enchant strangers? That feel like the first time, every time? I decided that this is what I wanted to give to couples. And like the Sirens of Greek mythology, whose stories of allure and charm transformed over time, the narrative we hear depends on who tells the story.

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Catch the backstory of the Siren & Co. and meet the founder and Los Angeles wedding videographer, Maleka.

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Before Siren + Co.

Maleka here! I used to work for a videography company that fell apart — leaving 20 films unedited and undelivered. I couldn’t believe it. When couples called me to help (film editor and second shooter at the time), I finished all 20 films without charge. To edit and serve is part of what I love doing. This is why my mission now consists of following through. We can all get our hopes up now, excited about the promises made, but it’s that final delivery, that cool finish as I like to call it, that really puts the cherry on top.

So, as you may have noticed, that’s the reason for a limited amount of weddings each year — giving clients like you the attention they deserve with a stress-free process.


Still curious? Learn more about me:

This is my favorite guy — my fiancé, Jason. He planned an entire proposal (ready to film it and everything just like I always wanted), but I soured his plans when I couldn’t get over his unusual requests. So he proposed in the middle of moving (packing and cleaning too) and I screamed, “YES” before he had even gone through his speech or gotten down on one knee.


Going on adventures and learning new things along the way — that’s my cup of tea! And if my dog Zoey can join in, even better. Plus spa days. Always spa days. 



I love going to Disney. In fact, I share alllll the Disney things on my other Instagram handle, @coupledwithdisney.



I have a serious sweet tooth and will make any excuse to have a cookie. Or ice cream!



I’m a sucker for the little moments, like the reaction of the groom when he sees his bride for the very first time. Gosh, these moments make a wedding day so much fun to film!

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Your girl here grew up reading children’s books about Greek mythology, so it’s no wonder that I studied it in college and named my business after the story of the Sirens.

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If you crave heart-stopping romance and sophisticated spontaneity, you’re in the right place.


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I have a flair for storytelling, intertwining spontaneity with romance to make your heart stop. These are the days you’ll want to relive over and over again. So let’s get right to it.

Find me in the groove with wedding videos, shout-outs and behind the scenes.

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