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Photographer Brand Video || Eleonora Barna Photography


July 2, 2020

Photographer brand video for Eleonora Barna Photography by The Siren & Co | LA Brand VideographerGriffith Park Photography branding photosGriffith Observatory Photography branding photos


I love being able to introduce couples to new wedding vendors I recommend, and my blog serves as a running list of other creatives I love working with. I got to meet Eleonora Barna in a unique way, while shooting a promotional brand video for her work as a Southern California portrait photographer.

Planning a brand video is helpful way to let potential clients get to know you better on your website. It’s a chance for them to see you in action while working with other couples, not only the finished product. Especially if you feel your website is getting wordy trying to express everything, opt for a video instead. Not only are clients more likely to watch it than to read your full site, but they will feel much more connected to you.

For Eleonora’s photographer brand video, we interviewed her and filmed some behind the scenes clips during a couple’s session she photographed at Griffith Observatory. Now, her potential clients can simply watch a 60 second video to immediately get a feel for her approach, values, experience, personality, and style. That is so much more useful than having to scroll multiple pages on her website to gather the same information!

Watch Eleonora’s video below for inspiration for your promo. And click here to discuss scheduling your own brand video!



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