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First look with dad || how, what and why you’ll love it


September 26, 2022

Considering a first look with dad? Yes, please! Here’s everything you need to know, but first, take a look at this father daughter first look I can’t get over.

Father daughter first look videos

What is a first look with dad?

It’s exactly what it sounds like (and looks like!). A first look with dad is an emotional, bonding moment between father and daughter — dad’s first time seeing his little girl just before she starts her next chapter in life.

From this moment, you could get photos and videos of the following:

  • Teary hugs
  • Proud smiles
  • Pulling out the phone for his own footage


Reasons to consider a first look with dad

1. Honor your parents

Your mom is often a BIG part of the wedding day, from planning it all to helping you get ready on the morning of, there aren’t many opportunities for dad to get involved. If you have a strong bond with your father and want to equally honor him, you can’t go wrong with a first look.

2. Add emotion to the day, outside of the relationship with your partner

A wedding signifies so many things, but sometimes other important relationships are left out. A father daughter first look gives you a chance to add emotion to other facets of your life that are equally deserving of celebration on this day. You’re documenting a lifelong relationship and honoring the ones that led you there!

A bride hugs her father in a first look with dad

3. More laid back and less stressful

Let’s be honest. You have high expectations for that first look with your spouse-to-be. Dad on the other hand? He’s just going to be happy for his daughter. Planning a first look with your dad, and perhaps skipping out on the one with your fiancé, will certainly be less stressful. (You could do both if you have time!)

How to plan a first look with dad

1. Make sure you have time for it!

Between getting ready and doing a first look with your fiancé, it can be hard to find the time for other moments like this. If you really want this to happen, schedule more than enough time. I can promise you that getting ready always takes longer than expected!

First look with dad — bride hugs her father in front of a large green hedge

2. Find a good location

If your fiancé hasn’t seen you yet, this first look with dad will need to take place where your partner won’t accidentally see you. Consider your bridal suite or a staircase if you’re in a different building than your fiancé. The more natural light, the better.

3. Arrange with your photographer and videographer

Naturally you’re going to want photos and videos of the moment. Tell your vendors when and where it’s all going down so they can plan accordingly!

About the first look that you saw above

I am still crying over that first look video we shared. This bride didn’t do a first look with her husband and used that moment for her dad instead. I’ve only seen one other bride opt for that and I think it’s so precious!

She walked down the stairs while his back was turned and tapped him on his back. He turned around and was in absolute awe of his daughter. He shed a few tears. In their case, this wedding had been pushed back so many times from COVID, so the fact that it was finally happening was a realization that there was no more time. This was it. She was taking the next step in her life.

This first look had so much raw emotion in it. He was so happy to see his daughter, and then the next step was to give her away. He hugged her as if he wasn’t ready to let go.

Last thoughts on a first look with dad

Father of the bride sees his daughter on the wedding day for the first time

I’m thinking of doing one myself! I love first looks in general. The anticipation of getting up, getting ready and getting all dolled up. Brides work so hard to make everything perfect and let’s be real — you’re waiting for someone to see you in this dress and be floored. The first look with the dad is always great (and you know that’s how dads would describe it too).

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Venue: @thefighouse

Photography: @alakijastudios

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