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Meet Your Videographer, Maleka Ellis


January 5, 2024

Maleka Ellis LA-Based Destination Wedding Videographer

What do Disneyland, a sweet tooth, and San Francisco all have in common?

Surprisingly, they all have an impact on my style as an LA-based destination wedding videographer! Allow me to explain why, as I let you get to know me more. Because of course, I hope we’ll be working together soon.

Hi, I’m Maleka! Your Destination Wedding Videographer

I have been in business as an event videographer for 7 years and counting. I‘m a lover of first looks and golden hour photos. My passion is capturing your legacy, in a way that is true to your personality. 

I’m a hype girl first and foremost and a videographer second. During your wedding, I’ll be quick to give you a thumbs-up, smile, and a supportive word. My job is never to add to the hustling bustling stress, or give you more to do – it’s to be one more cog in the well-oiled machine of vendors that make your wedding day run smoothly.

Disneyland is my guilty pleasure, and a place I have happily memorized every inch of. There is no other place that runs so smoothly – thanks to the “cast members” working flawlessly behind the scenes, almost beyond notice, so that the happiest place on earth is exactly that. I think of my role in your wedding day similarly.

In my personal life, I am a newly married wife! I was a 2023 bride, and am just as deeply entrenched in current trends and all things wedding as you are. I graduated from San Francisco State, and my academic journey has played a significant role in shaping my artistic perspective. I also have a major sweet tooth, no sugar cookie will go un-eaten on my watch. Perhaps that’s why I love telling a sweet love story, through my wedding films, so very much.

Girl in studio smiling in front of hot pink backdrop | Maleka Ellis LA-Based Destination Wedding Videographer

More About My Wedding Videography Style

My artistry lies in my ability to seamlessly blend the romance of each destination with the personal narratives of the couples I films. I do all of my editing in-house, so I have spent long hours perfecting my style. In my edits, I lean light, bright, and fun. I find overly stylized/moody edits to be a bit spooky. Beautiful, but spooky! Not that they actually give me a scare, but just because they feel more time-stamped and trendy. Your legacy is timeless, so I want your wedding film to feel that way too.

To make a long story short, this is a leftover impact of watching my parents’ wedding video for the first time when I was younger, which you can read more about here. It left me wanting to create stunning wedding films that are beautiful decades later, to both the couple reliving that happy day, and to anyone else who watches them. It’s how my tagline “not your parents’ wedding video” was born.

girl in chair laughing

To see my favorite recent events I’ve filmed, click here, here, and here. That will give you a feel for my work and editing style. And hit play below to see my favorite wedding film I’ve made so far:

I would love to capture your legacy and help your wedding day run smoothly. Click here to contact me, ask any questions you have, and begin talking details about your dream wedding film!

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