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What to pack for wedding day detail photos & videos


September 1, 2022

Wondering what the most stunning wedding detail photos and videos have in common? It’s context, or with more glamorous words, it’s the stories that add a wow factor.

Every photo and video of your wedding day captures a bigger story, your love story! The most memorable stories, though, don’t just jump to the ceremony. They start with the small details, anticipation and the hidden glances.

As a wedding videographer, I cannot stress enough just how much of a difference those details make for the overall look and feel of your wedding video.

So, to help, I’ve put together a packing list for the tangible details we’ll want to capture at the start of your wedding.

If you forget to pack these, your wedding video could feel like walking into a movie theater halfway through your favorite movie. We definitely want to avoid that, so please be sure to pack the following for beautiful b-roll. You won’t regret it.

Pink wedding flatlay with colorful flowers and wedding invitation suite

Your packing list for wedding detail photos & videos

Both sets of rings!

I know you and your fiancé will likely be getting ready in different places, but for the sake of these wedding detail photos and videos, please be sure to place both sets of rings in a secure box for some detail footage at the beginning of the day. You’ll have your rings back by the time you’re fully dressed!

Dress and veil, or suit and tie

Speaking of getting dressed, don’t forget your wedding outfit! You’d be surprised how many people walk out the door with a honeymoon bag and everything just to realize that the wedding dress is hidden in the back of the closet. Set it out where you won’t forget it!

Dress hanger

I know you adore those Pinterest style photos with the dress delicately hung up in the bridal suite. That means you need a hanger for the occasion! Pack a nice wooden one or plan in advance with a personalized hanger from Etsy with your name etched on it.

P.S. Just in case, I always provide a hanger that says, “Bride” on it.


I recommend starting the day in comfy shoes or slippers, but be sure to pack your actual wedding shoes! I’ll grab heels and dress shoes alike for video footage with your details so you’ll need something else to wear in the meantime anyways!

Close-up of a wedding dress on a hanger that says, "Mrs."

Ring box or ring dish

Displaying your ring in a gorgeous heirloom box or antique ring dish is such a cute touch! You can find these treasures at antique stores or on Etsy! I bring two every time just in case — one says “Mrs.” and one says “Bride.”

Invitation suite 

Your invitation, save the date, RSVP cards, envelopes and stamps — bring them all! This suite really tells a story about the long-awaited day you’re celebrating.


Something borrowed or something blue? If you will be wearing, writing or using any sentimental items, let me (and your photographer) know so that we can capture these priceless items in our footage.


If you happen to have a photo-worthy bottle of perfume (or cologne!), bring that too! This goes so well in that detail footage.


In addition to your bouquet, boutonniere, corsages and the like, ask your florist if they can supply loose flowers. A few petals work wonders in detail shots. (I’ll also ask the florist myself and can pick them up ahead of time just in case.)


If you have a necklace, watch or any other pieces you’ll be wearing during the ceremony, add that to the list of things I’ll be asking for when it comes to detail videos!

Vow books

Rather than writing your vows on a piece of paper (that is so easy to lose!), I recommend writing vows in a custom vow book. We can use this for detail shots and it’s such an irreplaceable item so the book just makes it easier to hang onto and store for generations.

His and her vow books on a pink diamond-shaped tile floor with loose flowers

1 box or bag to place it all in

Besides your dress, suit and maybe the shoes — almost everything else should easily fit in a small shoe box or bag for safekeeping. Place this in the bridal suite and point it out to both myself and the photographer when we arrive. While you’re getting hair and makeup done, we’ll step away for a few moments to document the elements in that Instagram style you’ve been dreaming about. (And no, we won’t forget to document the fun getting ready photos too!)

Are you excited? Because I am over the moon! The resulting videos from this must-have packing list add jaw-dropping detail that allow me to truly tell your story in its entirety.

Looking for more tips and inspiration — right this way. Or find me on Instagram!

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