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I Got Married Last Year, and Here Are 6 Wedding Tips I Wish I’d Done Differently


February 17, 2024

Bride and Groom in front of La Ventura event Center

If you follow along on the Siren & Co Instagram, you know I got married recently! I still have so much I need to share from the wedding, but so far you can read about the save the date video my husband and I filmed before our special day.

As you can imagine, getting married as a professional wedding vendor is a unique experience! We are so immersed in current wedding trends, tips, and the do’s and don’ts of past couples we have worked with. Naturally, I have built quite the lengthy mental list of wedding tips over the years. But after wrapping up my own bridal era, I found there were still a few things I wish I had done differently! This is my chance to share them with you.

I don’t share this advice to wallow in regret. There is no need to expect perfection of your wedding day. It can be the happiest day ever no matter what! But I know that feeling armed with tips and experiences from past brides feels so helpful. My hope is that these wedding tips will sooth your anxieties, not create new ones. 

Even as I write this list, I am happy to realize how minor these tips are in the grand scheme of things. I am grateful that the list of “things I would have done differently” is a short one. So if nothing else, take this post as a reminder to give yourself grace, choose excitement above anything else, and just take a few fitting ideas here and there without worry.

6 Wedding Tips From a Recent Bride Who Is Also a Wedding Vendor

Set Your Must-Haves Early

Sit down with your fiancé early on in the wedding planning process and set a list of non-negotiables. Identify the things you each care about most, and perhaps together you can build a list of 5 top priorities. 

This wedding tip is the best way to replace overwhelm with excitement when wedding planning. Knowing you’ll make your “must-haves” happen makes it so much easier to let the smaller things slide.

What is important to others may not be important to you, and that’s okay! Don’t get caught up in the “shoulds” and instead hone in on your personal priorities. 

My husband and I couldn’t compromise and ended up with a top 10 list instead of a top 5 list, and things got expensive fast. So take this time early to truly narrow it down!

Bride at San Clemente air bnb

Plan Your Eating Times

All of the bridal blogs mention this – don’t forget to eat on your wedding day! Amid the hustle and bustle, not to mention the nerves and excitement, it’s too easy to forget to eat without set times or a bridesmaid assigned to make sure you get some sustenance. However, I took this common advice too far! I wish I would have nibbled throughout the day, and stuck to a meal schedule that is normal for me. Instead, in my worry to make sure I didn’t forget to eat, I ate full meals throughout the whole day and was too stuffed by the time my reception began. 

Of course you cannot time this all perfectly. It’s important to be flexible, but the advice here is: Stay as true as you can to your normal meal habits on your wedding day. And if you really care about eating your reception meal, consider how you can nibble throughout the day to stay energized but also leave room for your own wedding cake!

Hire a Talented MC and DJ

For many wedding guests, the atmosphere during the reception is what makes or breaks their experience. Everyone loves to have fun and let loose a bit during a wedding! And this vibe is greatly impacted by your choice of DJ. 

My husband and I wanted to cut corners, so we opted for a DJ that was just one step above an ipad and a speaker. I know now how worth it is to hire an MC and professional DJ. They make the party happen! If you want the dance floor to be lit, do your homework and ask questions. I’ll admit it, as a professional wedding videographer I was a bit embarrassed that I missed the mark on this one. Learn from my mistakes!

Don’t Get Married on Daylights Savings

This wedding tip is short and sweet – avoid getting married the day of daylight savings. We unfortunately did, and our guests arrived two hours early thanks to the clocks rolling back. Of course it’s better than two hours late, but we did sadly miss out on some romantics because of this.

Nail Your Wedding Look In Advance

This is a tip I received from everyone, and one I ignored when I should have listened. Do a makeup and hair trial before your big day! It truly is worth it. Take this a step further and try on every part of your wedding outfit – accessories and shoes included – to make sure it all comes together how you’ve been imagining. 

Skipping this meant that on my wedding day I was scrambling to get my look down. I had tried everything individually, but not together to see the whole picture. I would have avoided a lot of stress if I had nailed my entire look beforehand.

If you are already planning trials to test out your whole look, this is a great time to plan a formal wedding video session! That means filming beautiful content in your full wedding attire, so you can save more time on your actual wedding day. Reach out to our team to learn more about this option.

Plan a Wedding Videographer

I’ll admit it, this isn’t one I would do differently! Of course as a wedding videographer I would have never missed the chance to hire my own! But no list of wedding tips would be complete without mentioning how worth it it is to hire a videographer for your wedding day. 


Contact my team here to book your wedding video and check that major to-do off your wedding planning list!

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