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If You Only Book One Wedding Vendor For Your Planned Elopement, This is Why it Should be a Videographer


January 12, 2024

We’re Loving Planned Elopements, Here’s Why

As micro-weddings have become increasingly popular over the last few years, another wedding trend has popped up that we love – planned elopements. Couples who crave the quiet, the intimacy, and complete romance of keeping their marriage ceremony all to themselves have realized they can have all that, without sacrificing the wedding details they have always dreamed of. Perhaps you can’t imagine vows without the perfect bouquet. Or maybe you still love the idea of a cake to celebrate with and enjoy again on your first anniversary. And of course, your wedding day should be documented somehow! Now, you can truly have it all, if you plan an elopement.

Below, I want to discuss 6 types of wedding vendors to consider for your elopement, no matter the size, location, or level of spontaneity. But if you could only pick one, let it be a videographer. Let me explain. 

Scroll to read as well as see photos from Shelby and Jill’s stunning elopement in the Redwoods.

6 Vendors to Consider For Your Planned Elopement

An Elopement Venue

Many couples choose to elope because that way a world of location options are open to them instantly. No longer do you need to stress about how many people can be seated in the ballroom or if the weather will be too cold for grandma outdoors in April. You can pick your dream spot, anywhere you want. But remember to check if you need a permit! Especially if you are planning on a national park wedding.


Keep them simple, but if you want to carry a bouquet, you absolutely can during your planned elopement!


Eloping doesn’t mean you can’t have any of the traditional wedding photos you want. I love how Shelby and Jill had their photographer, (Which was Shelby’s cousin) and I captured footage as they got ready for their ceremony, prepped their vows, and opened gifts from each other.

A Small Cake

You’ll need some food after your ceremony, so why not something sweet? Plan for a small wedding cake. This tradition will be so much more fun when it’s just for the two of you to enjoy! Below you can see how Shelby and Jill enjoyed a small picnic, and cut their cake, at the end of the day as the soaked in the magic of their wedding as the sun set.

An Officiant

As a wedding videographer, I am actually ordained as an officiant for exactly this kind of occasion! When couples are trying to keep their elopement as small as they possibly can. But if you want something bomb, consider booking a trained officiant or inviting along a close loved one to complete your ceremony.


Of course! I am biased, but there are important reasons why you shouldn’t skip planning a videographer to join you when you elope. Keep scrolling to read more :

Why a Elopement Videographer Is the Most Important to Plan For

It’s simple: There are moments, emotions, and views of your wedding day that cannot be captured except through video. The element that the motion of a wedding film brings, adds cannot be replicated if you only book an elopement photographer. It is magical to replay the audio of your wedding day too, to hear your vows, your laughs, the emotion in your voice when you get choked up saying “I do.” Even the background noise of the location you chose can easily fade from memory, but rush back joyfully when you can fully relive your day on film.

Even if you don’t care for flowers, skip the cake cutting, and choose a spontaneous location nearby for your elopement – you will never regret making sure you have a videographer there. If you only book one elopement vendor, this is who it should be.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, hopefully this elopement film will! Tap play below to see the video we created for Shelby and Jill’s planned elopement in the Redwoods. And to plan your own elopement video, reach out to our team here!

The images in this gallery are by Michelle Larralde Photography. You can see more images from this gallery, and learn about the other vendors here.

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